Question Bank:

  1. Define Auditing and explain the difference between Book-keeping, Accountancy and  Auditing.
  2. “An Auditor is a watch dog not a blood hound”. Discuss.
  3. Distinguish between Investigation and Auditing.
  4. Explain the Objectives of Auditing.
  5. Explain the different types of Audit?
  6. What is Audit Programme, What are its advantages and Disadvantages?
  7. Write short notes on:-
    1. Routine Checking
    2. Test Checking
    3. Audit Committee
    4. Audit Note Book
  8. What are the working papers of an auditor? Who is the owner of these papers?
  9. Explain the term Internal Control?
  10. Explain the difference between Internal Check and Internal Audit?
  11. “Vouching is the back bone of Auditing”.  Discuss.
  12. What do you understand by Verification? Distinguish clearly between verification and valuation and explain the    objectives of verification?
  13. What is a qualified report and what is a clean report?
  14. What are the qualification, restrictions, rights and duties of an Auditor?
  15. Discuss the Liabilities of an Auditor?
  16. What are AAS and explain the various AAS?