Sno TopicType of Sources
1 Introduction, Meaning,
Objectives, Basic Principles
2 Classifications PPT
3 Advantages and Limitations of Audit. PPT
4 Difference between Audit and Investigation: PPT
5 Audit Program, PPT
6 Audit Evidence PPT
7 Internal Control, PPT
8 Internal Check and Internal Audit PPT
9 Vouching – Definition – Features – Examining Vouchers PPT
10 Vouching of Cash book PPT
11 Vouching of Trading Transactions. PPT
12 Verification and Valuation of Assets & Liabilities PPT
13 Company Auditor – Qualifications and Disqualifications –Appointment – Removal, Remuneration, Rights, Duties and Liabilities, PPT
14 Auditor’s Report – Contents and Types Company Auditor Report Order (CARO). PPT

Practical Work :

a) Practical Work on Vouching and Audit Report Preparation.

b) Preparing of Minutes, Motions and Resolutions, Holding of Meetings.